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Beginners Guide to Selfbuild

As a guide for newcomers to the Selfbuild process I will try to guide you through the typical process step by step, from the initial question of Why should I selfbuild? to What curtains do I fit in my new House? This guide will be constantly changing as new sections are added. If you click on the photos below they will enlarge and the idea is that if you are at this stage of the build then you will need the items listed ie Tools, Tradesmen, Materials. If you click on the titles below it will take you into a more detailed explanation.

The pictures that I have used are of my own Selfbuild, so they are reality. To read my story click Glenns Build It is a truthful account of my day to day Selfbuild, including the highs and lows of building your own house.

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  Timber Frame House Design
10 Year Building Warranty

Building Site Insurance


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Clearing land Foundation Digging

Tools - JCB, Minidigger, Tipper Lorry, Toilet (for tradesmen)

Tradesmen - Driver, Site marker out, Groundworkers,

Materials - Hardcore, Reinforcing steel, Drainage pipework,

Extra - Building inspector, Warranty inspector


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Foundations + Concrete Pour

Tools - Concrete poker, Power float

Tradesmen - Builder, Labourer

Materials - Concrete

Extra - Water


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Tools - Cement mixer,

Tradesmen - Builder, Labourer, Site marker out,

Materials - Blocks/bricks, Sand, Cement, Airbricks, Beams (floor) + blocks or concrete,




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Sill Level

Tools - Cement mixer

Tradesmen - Builder, Labourer,

Materials - Stone, Brick, Timber frame, Insulating block or block plus insulating slab, Wallties, Sills Jambs Heads Mullions, Window frames, Door frames,




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Wallplate Level

Tools - Cement mixer, Scaffold, Trestles,

Tradesmen - Builder, Labourer, Scaffolder, Joiner

Materials - Lintels, Floor Joists,




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Tools - Crane,

Tradesmen - Same, Roofer

Materials - Trusses, Soffit board, Facia board, Soffit vent, Truss bracing, Lead,




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Tools- Scaffold, 

Tradesmen- Roofer

Materials- Slates or Tiles, Lathes, Roofing Felt, Ridge Tile, Roof Vents, Copings, Barge Boards, Chimney Pot, 






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