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How Selfbuild Evolved into Property Investment

Selfbuild Website

The Selfbuildit website was started as a "hobby" back in  late 1999. I had decided that i wanted to learn how to design a website and as i knew a lot about self build houses, i had built my own house in 1994/1995, self build was going to be the subject. Christmas 1999 was the time when i purchased the domain name and started to work on the project.

The theme for the website was to help people to build their own houses. By mid 2001 Selfbuildit was getting a lot of visitors, so the website was turned into a commercial venture, with commissions being paid by the people that i link to. Please note that Selfbuildit will only link to genuine quality companies that provide excellent products that are reasonably priced.

Timeshare Website

Holidays have always been important for our family, so in October 2001 we went to an RCI Timeshare presentation and were impressed by the holiday product that was being offered. We actually purchased the RCI Timeshare on the day, but later cancelled that purchase because i found the same product for only 20% of the cost. So was purchased, designed and uploaded to the internet.

This website was to help guide people to find a legitimate RCI Timeshare product that was value for money. I think that the product that i have found is unbeatable in price and quality. Our family now holiday 3 times a year in some excellent accommodation, it does not cost a fortune and it has been purchased for the next 70 years. The people who have purchased after following my advice are more than happy.

Property Investment - Holiday Homes

UK land is now very expensive and difficult to find. A lot of my clients have decided that building in a different country might be an option. Spain has been identified as the main country where building could be possible, Spain has an excellent climate, wonderful cuisine, some beautiful countryside, good golf courses, flights are easy to get and reasonably priced,  there are already a lot of British people there, good hospital facilities, British infrastructure in place-schools etc, etc.

The problem is that if you purchase land and build a house yourself, it is difficult to self manage because you are in the UK, you do not speak Spanish, you do not know the Spanish building regulations, they will not allow timber frame construction, it is difficult to control Spanish building workers etc etc.

This is where started. After a lot of research we identified the Murcia area of Spain because of its good flight connections, road infrastructure and it is an area of Spain where prices of property are lower at the moment (not for long though). The option is to buy an "off plan" property, this means that it is very similar to Self Build. You basically purchase a plot of land that is going to be built on. You pay about 25% of the price at the start, another 15% about 6 months later and the balance on the hand over of the keys. All the monies are paid into a bank and are covered by an insurance. The completed properties are generally worth about 30% more than you paid. Inspection visits to view the properties are available by filling in the contact form or visit the website Property Investment

So thats the story so far from Selfbuild to Property Investment.



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